The 5 days touring – Creation of primarily artistic material

This is a short documentation of an exciting journey in Almopia through Art. In the framework of the project Living history-Living nature, a 5 days touring took place in early August; it was an opportunity for our guests, 19 artists, to get known with specific sites of Almopia in order to explore its genius loci. Visiting monasteries, churches, waterfalls, forests, caves, museums, cliffs and rivers, and walking through villages, it was a touring combined with artistic creation.


The sites selected for valorization

It’s about to begin! The 10 days extensive residential programme of artistic creation will start in August 26th in the Municipality of Almopia. The sites that have been selected for valorization are: The Good Valley in Loutraki The Black Forest The Folk Museum in Loutra The Museum of Natural History in Aridea Archaelogical sites in…


Applications are now open for only a few days!

ARTISTIC RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMME IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF ALMOPIA, GREECE, in the framework of the project LIVING HISTORY, LIVING NATURE – NEW SUBMISSION PERIOD FOR ARTISTS FROM THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA Municipality of Almopia will implement an intensive programme of artistic creation for the enhancement of its local historic and natural heritage. This is…


Announcement of results for the programme of artistic creation in the municipality of Novaci

The chosen artists for the residential programme in Novaci that is scheduled to be implemented in two phases (a five day tour from 21.07.2014 to 25.07.2014, and an intensive ten-day workshop from 11.08.2014 to 20.08.2014) are: 1. Dejan Makarioski 2. Dijana Soluncevska 3. Malinka Atanasovska 4. Kristijan Ristovski 5. Vasko Ristevski 6. Igor Stoanovski 7.…


Kick off meeting

In Thursday 24th October 2013 on 11.30 a.m, in Aridea – Greece, at the premises of Municipality of Almopia, the kick-off meeting of all the partners of the “Living History – Living Nature” project takes place under the invitation of the Financial Lead Partner (Municipality of Almopia).