Municipality of Almopia will implement an intensive programme of artistic creation for the enhancement of its local historic and natural heritage. This is an effort to connect art with local development, and create pieces of art which will add value in the selected places of interest. The artistic creations are requested to explore the «genius loci» of Almopia –also known as the spirit of the place- and express the particularities of the area, through various means of expression, involving Modern Art, in the cross border area.
The pieces of art will be exhibited in Greece and abroad, and will be shown permanently in a digital application/virtual exhibition. They will also be displayed in all presentations of the project, as well as in the promotional material of the project and the Municipality of Almopia.
Municipality of Almopia invites all artists interested to participate in the selection procedure to express their interest.
Thirteen (13) Greek artists will be selected for the workshop in Almopia, as well as six (6) artists from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.The artists may be from the field of photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, film, performance, dance, etc.
Individuals can express their interest by sending the signed application form, a detailed CV (with reference to exhibitions they have participated) and indicative projects (cd or printed portfolio or reference to the website with personal projects or a combination of the above).
DEADLINE: MAY 30, 2014 (date of shipping)
For more information, contact details and application procedure please visit this webpage.