Minutes from the meeting:

The meeting was attended by representatives from both municipalities and the organisations acting as an external support to the project, both from Greece and our country. The attendants of the meeting are following:

  1. Mr. Lazar Kotevski – Mayor of the Municipality of Novaci
  2. Mr. Dimitris Pasois – Mayor of the Municipality of Almopia
  3. Tsimas Nikos – Member of the project team, Municipality of Almopia
  4. Nikolaidis Kostas – Member of the project team, Municipality of Almopia
  5. Moratidis Giannis – External expert, Municipality of Almopia
  6. Eleftheriadou Olga – External expert, Municipality of Almopia
  7. Katerina Chukaleska – Project manager, Municipality of Novaci
  8. Stevce ANgeleski – Municipality of Novaci
  9. Letka Jovanovska – Municipality of Novaci
  10. Olivera Dimitrovska – Municipality of Novaci
  11. Biljana Spirkoska – External support, CCI, Prilep
  12. Marina Gj. Kitanoska – External support, CCI Prilep
  13. Igor Tasevski – Municipality of Prilep
  14. Goce Trajkovski – Municipality of Novaci
  15. Dimce Stojanovski -Municipality of Novaci
  16. Ihgorce Ristevski- Municipality of Novaci
  17. Blagojce Mikovski – Municipality of Novaci

The meeting started with the addressing of both mayors and greeting the project. Both mayors emphasized that the project is of a very important value for the cross border area and it is a good example of an effective and productive cooperation between the municipalities from both countries. They both have emphasized the importance of the IPA Cross border programme.

After the addressing, both mayors gave statements to the local media.

The host, Municipality of Novaci, projected the two promotional media products, short documentaries in production of TV Tera from Bitola. The first documentary was about the project presentation in general, presenting the IPA Program and the implementing parties, and the second was about the figure of Kalesh Anga, whose house is under reconstruction within the project frame.

The guest, Municipality of Almopia, presented draft versions of the communication package/informative material which were discussed by both partners.

The operational part of the meeting with discussions about the project implemented activities and the project following activities followed.

The project managers have agreed that the implementation is in place so far.

Mr. Nikos Tsimas gave an analytical explanation of the Working Package 4, the engagement of the experts within the project and the promotion of the project.

The conclusions of the meetings are following:

–          There will be a slight modification made for the Municipality of Novaci, for the reconstruction activities – extension due June 2014;

–          There will be a slight modification made for the Municipality of Almopia, for the actions 3.1 and 3.2, which are proposed to last up to August 2014. The extension is needed because of the repetition of the open competition that includes field researches and IT actions;

–          The aforementioned modification request might include the proposal modification of staff costs to external expertise (only for Municipality of Almopia), because there is a great delay of the administration processes of approval from the authorisation bodies in Greece. This delay is expected to be even greater because of the Greek Local Self-Government elections in May 17th.

–          The starting point for the development of the list of artists (WP 4) must be April 2014 for both partners. The two partners will collaborate for the development of the lists, since each residential programme will host artists from both countries.

–          The communication package will be finalised due end of March 2014

–          There will be a direct link of communication made with the Greek IT Company and both municipalities in order to follow requirements for the web portal.

The third coordination meeting will take place in August 2014, according to the project plan. However, the members of both project teams will keep on the frequent contact via mail.