R E S U L T S of the selection of artists for the programme of artistic creation in Almopia under the project “Living history, Living nature”

Following an open call for Expressions of Interest published on the website of the Municipality of Almopia on April 14, 2014, and an extension to the submission of applications until June 16 (day of shipping) posted on the website on May 30 2014, the selection process of Greek artists took place at the State Museum of Contemporary Art on July 7. In total, 47 application forms were submitted by artists of various artistic fields, including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, film, installations, architecture, performance, comics, street art etc.

The selection was made by the scientific collaborator of the Municipality of Almopia, Mr. Nikos Tsimas, and the curator of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, Mrs. Anna Mykoniati.
The workshop is an effort to connect Art with local development, and intends to highlight the singularities of Almopia redefining specific places of interest but also exploring the broader characteristics of the region, which will be the starting point for artistic research and creation of original works. The State Museum of Contemporary Art supports and participates actively in this effort, contributing to both the selection process and the implementation of the workshop.

The artistic program will be held in two phases.

The first phase will be from 1st to 5th of August, and includes the touring of artists in the places of interest in Almopia, and the creation of primary artistic material (drawings, photos, notes etc).

The second phase will take place from August 26th to September 4th and is the period of creation of artistic works in situ in Almopia.

The Greek Artists for the Programme in Almopia

The selected artists are following (in alphabetical order):
1. Adamidis Alexandros
2. Avgitidou Angeliki
3. Dikas Nikos
4. Zorba Sotiria
5. Iconomu Maria
6. Kumarianu Eleanna
7. Lampretsa Dimitra
8. Mastroyannaki Virginia
9. Matta Vasiliki
10. Polychronakis Zacharias
11. Papayannakis Ioannis
12. Papachatzi Fotini
13. Provata Eleni

1. Yerocosta Vasiliki
2. Avramopulu Ifigenia

The Artists from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia for the programme in Almopia

The artists from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia had to choose between two options; they could apply directly to the Municipality of Almopia or alternatively, in the Municipality of Novaci. Thus, the Municipality of Novaci forwarded the applications of artists who had submitted for the program of Almopia in its premises and the selection of artists was made by the Municipality Almopia.

The selected artists are:
1. Goce Nanevski
2. Dejan Makarijovski
3. Zlatko Gjorgievski
4. Ljupco Iljoski
5. Vasko Ristevski
6. Dijana Soluncevska

Runners up:
1.Igor Stojanovski
2.Kristijan Ristovski

Special Thanks
The Municipality of Almopia expresses its sincere thanks to the State Museum of Contemporary Art for its support and truly values its assistance. The Municipality of Almopia also acknowledges the constant assistance and support of the Climbing Club of Aridea.