It is happening! The implementation of the actions of the artistic research and presentation of the project LhiLna is beginning on July 21th in Novaci. The Action “Creation of primarly artistic material based on site anylisis” refers to the 5days touring of the group of artists in Novaci and their familirization to the sites of interest. The tour will be followed by the touring in Almopia from August 1st to 5th. Then the 10days intensive workshop in Novaci will take place from August 11th to 20th. Finally the workshop in Almopia from August 26th to September 04th will close the implementation of these actions.

It is gonna be a creative month for both municipalities. Art can be revealing, fruitful and innovative; it can also be therapeutic and affect change, as it posseses its own spirit depending on the wider contex. Let’s watch this spirit unfold as it follows the paths of Novaci and Almopia and explores the genious loci of both regions.

News from the implementation of the actions will be posted every day. Stay tuned!