It’s about to begin! The 10 days extensive residential programme of artistic creation will start in August 26th in the Municipality of Almopia.

DSC05450The sites that have been selected for valorization are:

  • The Good Valley in Loutraki
  • The Black Forest
  • The Folk Museum in Loutra
  • The Museum of Natural History in Aridea
  • Archaelogical sites in Apsalos and Aloro
  • Cave Schism in Loutra
  • The Castle of Chrisi
  • St. Ioannis Church in Ano Loutraki
  • Mount Pinovo and Jenna
  • The thermal baths in Loutra
  • St. Dimitrios Church in Aetochori
  • Bridge in Aloro
  • Monastery of Archaegelos Michael
  • Monastery of St. Ilarion
  • St.Dimitrios Church in Xifiani
  • Archaelogocal Site in Konstantia/Neromili
  • Mill in Sosandra
  • Church of Analipsis in Theodoraki.

They will be the starting point for creation of 19 original art pieces that aim to discover the genius loci of Almopia.

Stay tuned for everyday news and presentations of the artists that are involved in the programme!