On Friday 5th December 2014 at 11.00 a.m, in Aridea – Greece, at the premises of the Municipality of Almopia, the 4th project meeting of all the partners of the “Living History – Living Nature” project took place under the invitation of the Financial Lead Partner (Municipality of Almopia).


The meeting was attended the following:

  • Dimitris Mpinos, Mayor of Almopia – LP2
  • Igorce Risteski, Representative from the Municipality of Novaci – LP1
  • Nikos Tsimas, Scientific collaborator – LP2
  • Sapfo Papadopoulou, Department of Technical Services, Municipality of Almopia – LP2
  • Maria Papaspyrou, Department of Technical Services, Municipality of Almopia – LP2
  • Marina Kitanosy, External expert – LP1
  • Ioannis Mouratidis, External expert – LP2
  • Stefania Giota, External expert – LP2
  • Androniki Zelegkou, Interpreter – LP2
  • Igor Nedelkovski, Subcontractor – LP1
  • Blagojce Nikolovski, Responsible for camera and photos within the Municipality of Novaci – LP1
  • Sakis Theodoridis, Reporter
  • Tasos Kalaitzis, Reporter
  • Christos Papadopoulos, Reporter


After the verification of quorum, the meeting started with the welcome address of the Mayor of Almopia. The Mayor pointed out the necessity for such actions, highlighting the natural and cultural wealth of both regions.


On behalf of the Mayor of Novaci, there was a welcome address by Mr Igorce Risteski, who emphasized on the excellent cooperation between the partners so far and invited the attendees to the next meeting, which is arranged for December 16th, at the premises of the Municipality of Novaci.


Subjects to be discussed:

  • Brief update of the project for period September-December 2014
  • Presentation of the partnership so far
  • Presentation – report of the activities to be implemented by FLP2 in the extension period
  • General project management issues
  • Discussion on Lhi-Lna II project


Mr Nikos Tsimas, scientific collaborator of the Municipality of Almopia, presented the project and the actions that have been implemented so far by LP2, referring to the budget issues and the main goals. He mentioned that the project’s duration was extended for four months, during which the actions of WP3, WP4 and WP5 will be completed regarding the field researches, the historical and natural paths design and the signing of the paths. Most of these actions have already started and are under implementation.

There was also a briefing on the actions of the Municipality of Novaci for the reporting period by Ms Marina Kitanosy, external expert of the Municipality of Novaci.

Mr Igor Nedelkovski, subcontractor of the Municipality of Novaci, presented the digital exhibition of artworks created by artists from both regions and the interactive online application which was designed by LP1. The participants had the opportunity to experiment and interact with the digital exhibition which concentrates a lot of interesting and innovative characteristics.

Finally, there was a discussion between the attendees about general project management issues, as well as the project Lhi-Lna II which has already been approved. Specifically, they discussed about how the project’s results could be utilized during the implementation of the Lhi-Lna II actions.

In that point at 13.30 p.m the meeting ended.

the meeting ended.