The residential programme in Almopia lasted from August 26th to September 4th. The 19 artists are:
1.Adamidis Alexandros
2. Avgitidou Aggeliki
3. Gjorgievski Zlatco
4. Zorba Sotiria
5. Zafirovska Hristina
6. Kumarianu Eleana
7. Lampretsa Dimitra
8. Makarijovski Dejan
9. Mastroyanaki Virginia
10. Matta Vasiliki
11. Iconomu Maria
12. Papahatzi Photini
13. Papayannakis Ioannis
14. Petrovski Pande
15. Polichronakis Zacharias
16. Provata Eleni
17. Stojanovski Igor
18. Janev Sashko
19. Yerocosta Vasiliki

Only Papayannakis Ioannis did not manage to attend the workshop in Almopia and produced an artwork from distance. All the other 18 artists participated vividly in situ. The final event of the presentation of the artworks took place in September 3rd, in three public buildings in Aridea. The artworks are now being hosted in the Museum of Natural History.

All 19 original artworks will be presented in a digital exhibition in high resolution, along with the procedure of the creation of the artworks.

  • zorba
  • zlatco
  • yerocosta
  • sashko
  • provata
  • polichronakis
  • kumarianu
  • lampretsa
  • mastroyanaki
  • matta
  • papahatzi
  • petrovski
  • igor
  • iconomu
  • hristina
  • dejan
  • avgitidu