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Final Conference of the project “Living history – Living nature” in the Municipality of Almopia

The final conference of the project with the acronym “Lhi-Lna” was successfully implemented in the 4 Seasons Hotel, Loutraki, in April 6th. The agenda included a variety of presentations emphasizing on the results of the project in Almopia.

Some of the most important results are:

-A data base for the historical heritage of Almopia which presents digitalized historical elements, such as the wood temple of the St.Dimitrios Church in Xifiani, the frescos in three churches of the early 19th century (Analipseos Church in Theodoraki, St. Nikolaos Church in Ano Loutraki and St.Dimitrios Church in Aetochori) and frescos and icons from the Archagelos Michael Monastery.

-A data base for the natural heritage of Almopia which presents digitalized natural elements, such as the bones of the cave bear from the paleontological era found in Loutra (3d scanning), the exhibition of Geology in the Musum of Natural History in Aridea and the flora of Almopia.

-An Art Residency with the participation of artists from both countries which resulted in the creation of original art works for Almopia.

-A digital exhibition of the Artworks including original footage from the Art Residency, interviews of the artists and the artworks in megapixel quality.

-Touristic actions, such as the creation of new thematic routes (Roads of Living History, Roads of Living Nature, Crossroads of History and Nature), which were presented in an original map, a touristic guide, the signing of the routes and 3d views of the sites.

In the conference, presentations were made by members of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA-CBC Programme “Greece-the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and by representatives of the Municipality of Novaci, Overal Lead Partner of the project  Lhi-Lna. Additionally, presentations were made by other contributors in the project, like the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Climbing Club of Aridea and the external experts who are responsible for carrying out the deliverables.

We thank all the people that attended the conference and all the contributors for their assistance throughout the implementation of the project.

We are looking forward to implementing the follow-up project, “Living history, Living nature II” !


                                     The “Lhi-Lna” project team in Almopia

Photos from the event

Infomative material.

Waiting for our guests

Original art works for Almopia in the size of a postcard.




The delegation from the Municipality of Novaci.

Artists from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia arrive in the conference room.

Members of the Climbing Club of Aridea and the Archaeological Ephorate of Pella.


The Mayor of Almopia, Mr. Dimitris Mpinos.

Mr. Igorce Risteski, representative of the Municipality of Novaci.

Mrs.Katerina Samakovli, Coordinator of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA-CBC Programme “Greece- the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

Mr.Zhupan Martinovski, Project Officer of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA-CBC Programme “Greece- the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

Mr.Nikos Tsimas.

Mr.Yannis Sifakis, member of the Hellenic Parliament.

The Mayor of Negotino, Mr. Vancho Apostolov. Municipality of Almopia and Municipality of Negotino collaborate in the project “Bee-conomy” that is also funded by the IPA-CBC Programme “Greece-the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

The Vice-Mayor of Almopia, Mr. Yannis Ketikidis.

Mr.Nikos Tsimas presents the project results in Almopia, which include actions for the protection and promotion of the heritage of Almopia, the creation of original artworks for Almopia and the development of touristic actions.

Mrs.Anna Mikoniati, curator in the State Museum of Contemporary Art, presents the practice of art residencies. The SMCA assisted the Municipality of Almopia in the selection procedure of the artists for the Art Residency that took place in the summer of 2014.

Coffee Break.

Mrs.Maria Papaspirou presents the touristic actions of Lhi-Lna and the dynamincs of tourism in Almopia.

Mr.Alexandros Milonas, representative of the Climbing Club of Aridea, presents the actions of the Club and new challenges for Almopia. The Climbing Club of Aridea was one of the major contributors in the project Lhi-Lna, in the field of natural heritage of Almopia.

Mrs.Katerina Cakulevska presents the achievements of the project “Lhi-Lna” in Novaci, which include the restoration of three historical monuments (Bridge of Jovic, the House of Kalesh Anja in Staravina and the church of St.Dimitrij in Gradesnica).

Mr.Yannis Detsis, Choose S.A., presents the communication strategy of the project and the further options of using the producted material of the project for tourism development.

Mr.Kostas Papanikolaou, Comitech S.A. (subcontractor of Dotsoft S.A.), presents the digital actions of the project, which include two data bases, a digital exhibition and 360 views of the selected sites.

Proceedings of the Conference

The proceedings of the Conference will be published in the official website of the project www.lhilna.eu in the next days, along with the video of the event.

Photos from the presentations of the digital actions

– The wood temple of St.Dimitrios Church in Xifiani in full view and in detail.

– Sample of the 3d scanning of the bones of the paleontology collection in the Museum of Natural history.

– Snapshots from the digital exhibition of the original artworks for Almopia. It can be found in www.lhilna.gr/digitalexhibition

Co-funding statement