The Municipalities of Novaci and Almopia are an example of successful cooperation and successful implementation of joint projects. These municipalities have successfully implemented the project “Living History Living Nature 1″ by means of cross border cooperation program between Macedonia and Greece. With this project, each municipality on its territory has made significant steps to protect cultural heritage and promote tourism, and the result of the good performance is the allocation of funds for the continuation of the activities in that direction by implementing the project “Living History Living Nature 2″.

The beginning of the new project was launched with the signing of Partnership Agreement between the mayors of the Municipalities of Novaci and Almopia, Lazar Kotevski and Dimitris Binos. The Agreement was signed at the kick-off meeting held in the hall of the Municipality of Novaci. For the implementation of the project “Living History, Living Nature 2″ the municipalities have budget of 738,790, from which municipality of Novaci has 293,036 euros and municipality of Almopia has 445,754 euros, received from the EU Cross border programme 2007 – 2013.

“The project “Living History Living Nature 2″ serves as a proof how history and nature can connect people and establish great cooperation.” – said Lazar Kotevski, the Mayor of the Municipality of Novaci. He told the audience what exactly will be done in the Municipality of Novaci with this project. Namely, they will complete the activities of the church St. Dimitrija in the village Gradeshnitsa, they will completely develop the recreational park at Konjarka River, which will serve as a good picnic area, demining the path in Mariovo, marking the paths, placement of signs and benches, organizing workshop for photography, workshop for travel professionals, tour for hiking, cycling and motorcycle tour.

Dimitris Binos, the mayor of the Municipality of Almopia, says they will be activated around a Vyzantine building, the accessible mountain paths of a traditional village as well as the cave in Loutraki, near the thermal bath.

Both municipalities, Novaci and Almopia, are characterized by beautiful scenery and an abundance of cultural and historical monuments. The alternative tourism, which promotes pure nature, religion and culture are a new trend in the world where tourists are increasingly demanding forms of tourism. In this regard these municipalities recognize this potential and want to have an interesting tourist offer. Locals from both areas will benefit from the project because it will encourage the development of tourism and improve the economic situation of the municipalities.