The Hiking Tour in Mariovo, took place on 22nd of May 2016. The activity is within the cross border project with Greece, “Living History – Living Nature II”. The tour evoked great interest with hikers and the population from the region. More than 160 hikers have participated on 2 organized tours.

The first tour was on the destination: Municipality of Novaci – vlg. Gradeshnitsa – Gradeshka River springs – Cereva meadow – Lakite region – monastery St. Dimitrija – vlg. Budimirci. The second tour was on the destination: Municipality of Novaci – vlg. Gradeshnitsa – vlg. Budimirci – monastery St. Dimitrija – vlg. Budimirci.

Both destinations were with different length. The first destination was an attractive mountain path with length 23 km. This mountain path is rich with cultural and historical monuments. The second path was in length of 8 km, rich with landscapes.

For all hikers there was an organized transportation from Prilep and Bitola to the village Gradeshnica. The village was the starting point for the hiking tours. The final destination was the Monestary St. Dimitraija in Budimirci, from which point the hikers were transported to the cities. The hikers were welcomed with food and drinks.

The participants of the hiking tour were both men and women. The Mayor of the Municipality of Novaci welcomed all hikers and wished them successful hiking tour.

The hikers brought many impressions for the beauty of the nature, the landscapes, rivers and untouched environment. It is recommended that this hiking tour should become traditional and organized every year.

By the end of June 2016 two more tours will take place: Biking tour and Jeep tour on the territory of the Municipality of Novaci..