Around forty bikers have participated on the 50 km. long track on relation Novaci – Zovik.  The track was medium hard and was marked before the official tour took place. The biking tour had guides and the bikers were in close coordination with the assigned guides.

The biking tour began at 7 am, and started at the municipal building in Novaci. At the start, the bikers were given drinks and food. The finish line was in village ZOvik where the bikers have visited the famous bridge, and had lunch there. The biking tour was finished at the late afternoon.

The participation on the biking tour was ensured through an open call for bikers, nature fans, biking clubs, etc. Through the implementation of the biking tour, there was a promotion of the project, but also promotion to the natural and history sites of the Novaci area.

The biking tour is the second in row, related to the promotional activities of the project “Living Hisotry – Living Nature 2”, which is in implementation of Novaci Municipality and the Greek Municipality Almopia. The project is in the frame of the IPA Cross Border Program. Before the biking tour, there was a hiking tour implemented and by the end of the month there will be third promotional tour with jeeps.