During the weekend, there was a Jeep Tour implemented in Mariovo. Around one hundred participants in 30 Jeeps were part of the tour.  This tour began on 25th of June, and the starting point was the municipal building of Novaci.

This tour is a tourist drive, in length of 160 – 100 km, through the Mariovo area. The tour had a goal to introduce, to the participants, the beauty of Mariovo with its cultural and historical monuments, as well as the possibilities for the alternative sports and rural tourism.  The tour was managed through providing food and drinks for the participants and fuel for the jeeps.

The jeep track was with a starting point in Novaci through the villages Ribarci, Gneotino, Brod, Zivojno, Zovik, Staro selo, and Skocivir. In Skocivir, the participants made the first brake. The tour continued the track through Slivnica, Polog, Gnilez, Grumazi and visit of the Church Voshresenie Hristovo where the 2nd break took place. The final part was driven through the villages Brnik, Rapesh, Makovo and visiting of the Monetary St. Petka where the participants had lunch. In the late afternoon the tour took the track to the starting point and closing of the Jeep Tour by the Mayor Lazar Kotevski.

The Jeep tour was the third promotional activity implemented in the frame of the IPA cross border project Living History – Living Nature 2. The project is implemented with the Greek municipality Almopia. The promotional tours were hiking tour with 160 hikers, the biking tour with around 40 bikers and the jeep tour.