The one week school of photography is on track. It is focused on creation of photographs for the natural and the historical paths “Inclusion of the art – crossroads of the art and nature”. The school is visited by 30 participants from the host country and Greece. There are 4 trainers sharing their knowledge with the group, as well as translator and organizer. For a successful implementation of the school, the organizer have prepared working materials, food, accommodation. The implementation period of the school of photography was between 18th and 25th of July 2016.

During the lifetime of the school many places are visited in the area of Municipality of Novaci with its cultural and natural landmarks.

The participants of the school of photography were chosen through an open call. The participants who applied followed the criteria to be registered photographers, to work in a studio, to have a bio of photographs and minimum 2 years of experience. Also knowledge of working with computers, understanding a language and experience and works in the area of culture and history were advantage.

This group of 30 young people had an opportunity to create through the objective of the photo camera, creating art, through which they have contributed for enrichment of the cultural heritage and documenting the Bitola part of Mariovo. “The created photographs will be used for a mobile application, will be put on the project web site, and few will be printed on canvas” said Neshad Azemoski – a trainer.

The school of photography is one of the many activities in Novaci municipality within the project “Living history- Living nature II”, supported by the IPA cross Border Program between FYR Macedonia and Greece 2007-2013.

Impressions from the participants

„I came here because I love photography. I think we will have nice experiences, we will enjoy the nature and the beauty of Mariovo. I will meet other young people with whom I have mutual interests and new experiences. “ said Ioanna Pantechi, participant from Athens, Greece.

„I am very glad that I am participating on the project Living history – Living nature II. I am not a professional photographer, and I came here to learn new things about photography because this is my hobby and I am an amateur photographer. I think that this school will be useful experience for me” said Stella Spyrou, participant from Athens, Greece.

„I came here to learn about the history of this people, the natural beauties and to meet new people with bigger experience in photography and the technics for taking photography. I grasped the opportunity with a great hope. I am doing photography for three years and I think that this will be a great experience. Maria- Denise Dessimoz, participant from Crete Greece.