The school of photography, ended by awarding the best photographers for their work, and the participants were all given certificates.

„With this exhibition the one week school of photography, titled “Inclusion of art – Crossroads of nature and Art” had ended. The school was visited by 30 participants, led by 4 trainers, translator and organizer of the school. In the past seven days, the participants were given a theory input in the hotel, but also thee was a practical aspect, by visiting cultural and natural landmarks in Bitola, Novaci, Prilep, Krushevo and Greece” said the Mayor of Novaci, Lazar Kotevski.

On this event, there were given first, second and third award for the best photography, based on an open call. All participants were given certificates.

The school of photography is one of the many activities in Novaci municipality within the project “Living history- Living nature II”, supported by the IPA cross Border Program between FYR Macedonia and Greece 2007-2013.