Municipality of Almopia

Municipality of Almopia was established in 2010 after the unification of the Municipalities of Aridea and Exaplatanos. It has an area of about 986 square kilometers and its population is 27.556 inhabitants. Aridea is the only city of the municipality and it is accompanied with 39 villages. Almopia consists of a valley surrounded by mountains that are protected by Natura 2000 legislation and is famous for the production of fruits and vegetables of high quality, such as cherries, peaches, beans and red peppers. Besides the agricultural production, Almopia is famous for the thermal baths of Loutra, which is a touristic attraction of major importance.
Municipality of Almopia has a lot of potentials and plenty of challenges to face.


Municipality of Novaci

The Municipality of Novaci is constituted for the first time, after the independence of our country on 16 XII 1996.According to the Law for Territorial division, the Municipality of Novaci is located in the southern part of the Pelagonija Valley, in the Eastern part of Bitolsko Pole and is fully located on the Crna Reka flow. It is bordering with the municipalities of village Staravina, Dobrushevo and in narrow parts with the Municipality of Mogila, village Bac and Bitola. The Municipality of Novaci has 19 villages in 175 km range and 2.778 inhabitants. The municipality has big number of natural sites, cultural monuments, churches, monasteries and other beautiful sites.