This is an invitation to everyone interested in the protection of the cultural and natural heritage of Almopia!
An open group will be constituted in order to safeguard the sites that have been selected for valorisation and spread the necessity for further actions.

The 19 artists that participated in the artistic programme in Almopia were the first volunteers that initiate the discussion for the safeguarding of the heritage of Almopia.

The 14 students of Architecture Schools that will participate in the summer workshop in a few months, will be the second group of volunteers.

This is a call for the constitution of the third group that will collaborate constantly and participate in several actions for the protection of the cultural heritage of Almopia. Members of the local community and local authorities are requested to express their interest.

Meetings and on spot visits will be scheduled in a frequent basis.

For more information, please contact  ” ” and write clearly your name, address and phone number.


Almopia needs your participation!